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Devices supporting SCiLS Cloud

SCiLS Cloud is designed to be an imaging mass spectrometry platform for uploading and sharing data, results and insights. As such, SCiLS Cloud requires a modern web browser to access and display your data. On top of this, there is currently no support for mobile devices in SCiLS Cloud.

Supported Browsers in SCiLS Cloud.

SCiLS Cloud requires a modern web browser with full support and compatibility with our rendering engine. Tested browsers with full support are Google Chrome (version 53+), Mozilla Firefox (version 49+) and Microsoft Edge (Windows 10, version 38+). Other browsers might provide support, but have not been tested with SCiLS Cloud.

Unsupported Browsers and Devices in SCiLS Cloud.

Other browsers do not provide full support for SCiLS Cloud, especially older programs. This also includes all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (up to Version 11). Furthermore, all mobile devices are currently unsupported, including smart phones and tablets.

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