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Obtain Quota for SCiLS Cloud

This page describes the first steps to prepare your account for uploading data to SCiLS Cloud. This requires obtaining quota from SCiLS Lab, building a quota pool and inviting users from your institution into your quota pool. If you follow these steps you will finally be able to upload your data into SCiLS Cloud.

Every SCiLS Lab user can upload data by once generating a quota token from the USB software protection keys (“dongles”) that are delivered with the SCiLS Lab product (version 2015a/b or 2016a/b). The quota token then activates the dongle’s quota in SCiLS Cloud. Users without direct access to SCiLS Lab cannot activate quota for themselves and thus cannot upload own data. However, they can open public datasets or datasets shared privately.

Info: You need to have registered an account and be logged in to SCiLS Cloud before activating your quota.

Watch the video below demonstrating the steps of setting up your quota for SCiLS Cloud or read the individual steps and begin generating a quota token.

Step 1: Generate a quota token from your SCiLS Lab.

First, generate a quota token within your SCiLS Lab. Start SCiLS Lab and go to Help > Show Dongle Information. In the dongle information window you select one of your dongles and click on the button Generate “SCiLS Cloud Quota Token” for dongle … Dongles eligible for providing quota need to have at least version 2015a/b or 2016a/b and be perpetual licences. SCiLS Lab trial licences do not provide quota.

Clicking the link will automatically open SCiLS Cloud in your browser and allowing you to add the quota token to a quota pool. If you have multiple dongles in your SCiLS Lab, you can use each of them to add additional quota to your SCiLS Cloud account. You can combine all your quota in one single pool or distribute your quota among multiple pools. In each quota pool at least one dongle must be present. Dongle tokens cannot be shared among different pools, meaning they may belong to one and only one pool at any time.

Step 2: Create or update a quota pool in SCiLS Cloud.

If you click the link from SCiLS Lab you are directly taken to the SCiLS Cloud Quota Pool control. You can also access this control panel by clicking on your email address in the top right corner of SCiLS Cloud and selecting Quota and clicking on the plus button in the top right.

The link will go to the Manage Quota Pool panel, where your token has been automatically been listed. If you did not click the link directly but copied it to the clipboard, place the link for the dongle token into the corresponding form field.

Each quota pool requires a name which is for your internal references only. If you have created no quota pool so far, the Manage Quota Pool panel only allows you to create a new pool. Otherwise, you can select from your exiting pools the one you want to assign the quota to. You can further select if details of your data shall be visible to all users. When you are done with creating or updating the quota pool, click Save to close the window.

Step 3: Manage your quota pool at SCiLS Cloud.

The overview on the quota pools page shows you the list of all your pools and how much quota is used and available. If you want to add further quota to your pool, click the Add quota to pool button (). In the popup window you can paste another dongle token as described in the previous section.

You can share the quota of your pool with other users from your institution. By clicking the Add new user to pool button () you can enter the email addresses of other users. These users will receive an email which invites them to join your quota pool.

Reminder! The disk quota is personal to you (either an individual or a single corporate entity) as the purchaser of SCiLS Lab. You may not permit disk quota to individuals who are not member of your corporate entity. You may not sell or rent disk quota to third parties. More info.

Step 4: Upload data using your quota pool at SCiLS Cloud.

When you have followed the above steps, you are able to upload copies of your data into SCiLS Cloud. On the Upload dataset dashboard you select the pool from which to deduct the size of your new file. Click the Add button to open a file dialog and select the file you want to upload. The status bar shows you how the much space will be left after uploading the file to SCiLS Cloud.

The upload starts upon clicking the Upload button. If you have enough space available, you can upload several files in parallel. If you have multiple quota pools, you can schedule data to populate them without the need to wait for any upload to finish first.

Obtain more quota by entering Maintenance Service

Your quota can be increased by signing up for our maintenance services. You also benefit from preferred access to new workflows in SCiLS Cloud which is included in our maintenance contract. Contact SCiLS Support now to check how you can benefit from our maintenance service for all your products.

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