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Share datasets with SCiLS Cloud

If you have own datasets uploaded to SCiLS Cloud, you can decide to make them available to other users. Spare the need to send around big data files and just load your findings to SCiLS Cloud to allow other users to interactively explore your data. Let partners or team members validate results or allow them to annotate histologically stained images.

Distribute or dissaminate your work with SCiLS Cloud.

Initially, every uploaded file to SCiLS Cloud is visible to you only. In the dataset list this is indicated by the lock icon in the top right corner of the dataset info card. You have two options to share data:

  • Share with other users per email invitation
  • Share with everyone, such that the dataset is publicly accessible

The dialog to share a dataset opens when you click on the share icon on the dataset info card in the list. In the small dialog that opens, you first decide which type of action you want to perform. If you want to use the Share with everyone option, you can then click on Share to close the window.

If you want to share a dataset privatly with another user, use the Share with other users option. To make the dataset available, enter the email address of the users and leave them a message. The users will receive an email from SCiLS Cloud and are invited to load the dataset. For security reasons they need to log-in with their free SCiLS Cloud account.

While sharing the dataset, you can also decide to grant the other users the right the right to share the dataset again. Simply toggle the check box in front of the Recipients can share my dataset too option.

While sharing iamge data, where you can put annotations onto the image, you have one additional option Recipients can modify the dataset. If you do not pass on this permission to the user, the other user can only inspect the image, but cannot add own annotations to the image.

Overview of the sharing symbols.

In the top right corner of the dataset info card, little icons indicate the status of the dataset.

  • Owner
    This icon shows you are the owner of the dataset.
  • Shared with me
    This icon shows this dataset is shared with you.
  • Private
    This icon shows this dataset is only visible to you.
  • Available
    This icon shows this dataset is privatly shared.
  • Public
    This icon shows this dataset is publicly available.

Modify access to a shared dataset.

If you want to modify the access to a dataset you have previously shared, you click on the users icon on the dataset info card. The dialog lists all the users that have access to the dataset or wheather or not it is shared publicly. You can modify the ability for other users to be able to share the dataset to further users by toggleing the switch in the can share column. If the dataset is an image that can be annotated, then you can individually set the write permission for the users. To completely revoke all access for a certain user by clicking on the cross symbol .

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