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Upload data to SCiLS Cloud

With SCiLS Cloud it is now possible to share your imaging mass spectrometry data and give your partners access to your findings. Once you have equipped your account with your personal quota, you can start uploading data. The privacy settings initially only to display the data to yourself, see sharing data for more information.

Preparing your data for SCiLS Cloud.

In SCiLS Cloud you can display a series of m/z images and mean spectra for regions in your browser. Before submitting your dataset to SCiLS Cloud, you need to add a peak list into your dataset. Ideally, this peak list contains your final result of your research only.

  • Use one of the tools such as “Find Peaks”, “Find discriminative m/z Values”, etc. to add a peak list
  • Import a peak list from flexImaging or Excel

Beside being able to upload SCiLS Lab files and explore them interactively with your browser, you can also upload histologically stained images of your tissue. In the browser you can draw regions of interest onto the image and perform a detailed annotation. Later, download the annotations into your SCiLS Lab file and superimpose them with the mass spectrometry imaging data.

Upload a dataset to SCiLS Cloud.

If your file is prepared, you can upload it to SCiLS Cloud. Go to “ Upload Data”. If you are member of more than one storage space, then you have to select from which storage space the dataset should be deducted. Otherwise click “ Add” to browse to your dataset. Select both the SCiLS Lab extended file (.slx) and the SCiLS Lab base data (.sbd) to add them for uploading. If you want to select further files, add them to the list of files.

SCiLS Cloud will automatically calculate if the file fits into your storage space at SCiLS Cloud. If the space is sufficient, you can start the upload by clicking the “ Upload” button. Your upload will start in the background, but you must not close the browser window.

Info: You cannot have the file you want to upload opened in SCiLS Lab.
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